Cukman law office provides business oriented legal solutions. Through understanding the
needs of clients, we deliver tailored legal solutions – introducing and applying innovative
solutions while taking utmost attention to minimizing the risks. Our clients include local
businesses and individuals as well as international entities, foreign investors.

Cukman law offices have particular expertise and experience in company and commercial
law from establishing corporate entities through their development creating value through
everyday work-related and preventive legal services in various fields.

Our office deals with ongoing accompaniment of local and international businesses along
the spectrum of their activities including negotiations and structuring of transactions and
agreements, dispute resolution and litigation, IP, labor-law issues, environmental law and
renewable energies, real estate (property), as well as civil law.

Our clients and their portfolio companies are not concentrated in any one industry but rather
extend broadly across industries including key industries such as retail sector,
pharmaceutical and life science sector, renewable energy as well as real estate businesses
particularly in dealing with the land registry.

With dedication and perseverance in cooperation with affiliated law-offices Cikac in Zagreb
and Jelakovic in Varaždin we wish to create the added value, which can be a crucial element
of our clients’ success.