The Law office provides an entire package of legal services thereby taking its clients from the
very beginning of their business activities through advising on complex cross-border
transactions, dealing with any dispute that may arise and handling efficiently all legal aspects
of their business needs.

Our legal service in the field of corporate law include among other:

  • Establishing of all kinds of companies and their organizational parts, where client
    involvement is minimized to data input and signing of respective documents
  • Corporate changes in companies
  • Mergers , fusions and divesting of business companies
  • Transfer of ownership interests in business companies
  • Liquidation of business companies and their organizational parts
  • Preparing drafts of legal documentation and advising of legal documentation
  • Representation of clients´ interests before the courts or in administrative
    proceedings, in front of the state authorities or representation of clients´ interests in
    front of other third parties.