The practice of law involves more than just knowing and applying legal principles, it involves
developing business relationships with clients.

Our office deals with ongoing legal accompaniment of local and international businesses
along the spectrum of their activities: foundation, ongoing management, contracts with
vendors and customers, employees and partners.

Our clients and their portfolio companies are not concentrated in any one industry but rather
extend broadly across industries including key industries such as retail sector,
pharmaceutical and life science sector, environmental law, renewable energy as well as real
estate businesses particularly in dealing with the land registry.

Our lawyers practice individual approach to each Client with special attention devoted to the
Client’s needs and legal specificity of the Client’s business and do their best to establish an
understanding based on trust, partnership and dialog. Our office assists its clients in
decision processes presenting a business oriented approach to the issues.

Our business law practice is based on our extensive experience in creating various legal
models to suite our clients’ needs.